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Massachusetts vs California

Sunset near San Francisco

So, hubby was offered a great new opportunity in California with a global tech firm.   However my son,  a high school junior, is finally settled into the little Massachusetts town where we moved his freshman year.  Previously we lived west of San Francisco   but we’d move back significantly south for the new job.  Yikes, fourth new neighborhood and school for my son.  Thankfully, it worked out we can stay in Massachusetts until my son graduates with my better half doing some extra travel for the new job.

Small fishing town in Eastern Massachusetts

With my husband trekking the world and my teenage son now driving I have considerable time to think about our return to California in two years.   Now our family has found good and bad wherever we have  lived, from north to south and east to west.  The funny thing however is most Massachusetsans seems to think California is better. I  hear it consistently and I’m not sure if it is evidence of  humility or an inferiority complex here.  But I thought it would be fun to compare the two distinct areas in my next couple of blogs.

Hope you’ll come back to read about our experiences with schools, historical sites, weather,  outdoor spaces,  biking, restaurants,  and wineries in Northern California and Eastern Massachusetts .   I’m looking forward to reliving favorite memories with you.



I am a Christian wife and mother sharing my cooking, creativity, and stories. Encouraged by the poem “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle rules the world”, by William Ross Wallace, I hope this blog encourages you.

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