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$10 dinner : Swordfish & Lobster


Today was I can’t catch my breath  rushed, so on my way home from Natick I flew into Whole Foods for anything quick for dinner.  Grilled fish, which can be on the table in twenty minutes, was my first thought.  It’s healthy and especially easy as  my  husband is a grill genius  and we can divide and conquer the cooking.

I’m thinking “fast food” while scanning the fish counter and I found  both swordfish ($16.99/ lb) and big beautiful lobster tails ($7) on sale .  I was good and waited my turn then had the Swordfish cut into one 1.2 lb piece and snagged a tail.   Once home the fish was cut  into three healthy 4 Oz portions and dusted with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

The raw lobster tail was cut in half to more easily pull the meat, which was diced into 1/4 ” pieces.  I melted  butter in a saute pan, lots of butter,  added the  lobster and cooked until white and firm ( less then 4 minutes over medium heat),  then threw in a handful of parsley for just another minute .

I prefer a rustic look on our everyday service (picture above) but once plated this good looking meal tasted better then it looked. The guys even called it gourmet!

As I was cleaning up the bags and dishes I realized our meal  was less then ten dollars a plate.  Which is pretty darn good considering each bite of fish had buttery rich and  slightly sweet lobster with the meaty swordfish.  The polenta was under a quarter (with  cornmeal from the pantry)  and the small green salad was about two dollars.  I didn’t even realize what a good deal this was at first, I was just rushing to get dinner on the table.  So I shared this menu to encourage you to  look for the sales and enjoy some gourmet meals of your own, even on the rushed days,