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Real Food

This week I would encourage you to stop by  a farm stand or market and enjoy how wonderful real food tastes with little effort.   I recently found fresh corn and greens at the Outpost Farm in Holliston (managing to ignore the yummy looking pies) and had dinner on the table in 22 minutes.   I simply threw the greens in a pan with a little olive oil, salt and pepper then  microwaved the fresh corn while the boneless chicken thighs grilled.  If your market sells pre-cooked turkey or chicken all the better for a fast meal.   The wonderful thing is not that it is healthy or supporting local farmers, IT JUST TASTES SO GOOD.  The sweet corn was the star of the meal but it was all so delicious.

Now if over the weekend you have some extra time for cooking,   I noticed  the Allrecipes website has a farm to table section with recipes that look amazing. I have to try the fresh tomato salad recipe and will post a picture before we eat.  It’s back to Outpost Farm for me.

Now I would laugh when someone disparages the job of cooking healthy meals for our families  (whether cooked by Mom or Dad ) if it weren’t for all the  food related diseases.  Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis have all been linked to diet,  but with all the conflicting reports of the “best food plan” it’s easy to be discouraged.  Here I would encourage you to stand strong. What you cook or bring home for your family with love will be a blessing to them.  No one knows them better then you and you don’t have to be perfect.  Remember neither a little junk food or a little health food will hurt them in moderation.